Note stuck as "Encrypted"

MAC Version: 1.0.193, but it may have been on the previous version when I first synced this note.
Android Version: 1.0.193
Syncing via Dropbox

I wrote a note yesterday on my phone. It displays fine there.

But the sync to my desktop seems to have caused some issue, as it just shows as “Encrypted” in the notes list.

I’ve tried resyncing both.
I’ve tried editing the note on my phone and then resyncing.
I tried restarting and resyncing.
But still just “encrypted”.

Any ideas for how I deal with this? I’ve never had it happen before. I’m not sure its update related, but… maybe it is? I think my desktop was on the previous to the new version when I first synced the note. Not sure why that would make a difference.

I should add a wrote a note on my phone this morning and it all synced to the desktop fine.

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Could you open the Sync Status screen and see if you have the option there to retry decryption?

Otherwise please post your log


Ah, thanks! Retry worked. I had no idea that was there.

Hi, I’m seeing the same scenario on two notes. This is the first time I’ve seen this issue, I have ~150 notes, almost all text.

Like OP I started both notes on my iPhone and see them as encrypted on Mac. Both notes are very short, just a few lines of text and an external link.

I am using WebDav for syncing.

iPhone version: 10.0.45
Mac version: 1.0.179 (prod, darwin)

I have tried:

  • Force quitting both clients and resyncing
  • Editing the notes iPhone and then resyncing
  • Going to Synchronization Status on Mac and hitting “retry”
    While in there, I see that there are 2 notes that are stuck as well as 7 revisions (not sure which notes those are affected).

As far as posting logs:
I saw this console error when I went to Synchronization Status the first time I tried. I then restarted, and did the same steps, and it did not produce any errors, so I am not sure this error is related. Let me know if you need more / different logs.

Thank you!

/Applications/ Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'start' of null
    at NoteTextComponent.commandTextCode (/Applications/
    at /Applications/
commandTextCode @ /Applications/
(anonymous) @ /Applications/
requestAnimationFrame (async)
doCommand @ /Applications/
UNSAFE_componentWillReceiveProps @ /Applications/
callComponentWillReceiveProps @ /Applications/
updateClassInstance @ /Applications/
updateClassComponent @ /Applications/
beginWork$1 @ /Applications/
beginWork$$1 @ /Applications/
performUnitOfWork @ /Applications/
workLoopSync @ /Applications/
performSyncWorkOnRoot @ /Applications/
(anonymous) @ /Applications/
unstable_runWithPriority @ /Applications/
runWithPriority$2 @ /Applications/
flushSyncCallbackQueueImpl @ /Applications/
flushSyncCallbackQueue @ /Applications/
scheduleUpdateOnFiber @ /Applications/
enqueueSetState @ /Applications/
Component.setState @ /Applications/
onStateChange @ /Applications/
notify @ /Applications/
notifyNestedSubs @ /Applications/
onStateChange @ /Applications/
notify @ /Applications/
notifyNestedSubs @ /Applications/
onStateChange @ /Applications/
dispatch @ /Applications/
generalMiddleware @ /Applications/
generalMiddleware @ /Applications/
(anonymous) @ /Applications/
dispatch @ /Applications/
click @ /Applications/
apply @ callbacks-registry.ts:45
(anonymous) @ remote.js:286
(anonymous) @ remote.js:276
emit @ events.js:203
onMessage @ init.ts:50
Show 8 more frames

I also see this warning multiple times

/Applications/ Warning: componentWillUpdate has been renamed, and is not recommended for use. See for details.

* Move data fetching code or side effects to componentDidUpdate.
* Rename componentWillUpdate to UNSAFE_componentWillUpdate to suppress this warning in non-strict mode. In React 17.x, only the UNSAFE_ name will work. To rename all deprecated lifecycles to their new names, you can run `npx react-codemod rename-unsafe-lifecycles` in your project source folder.

Please update the following components: Connect(StatusScreenComponent)

Didn’t realize I was on the old version of the Mac app. I updated to Joplin 1.0.193 (prod, darwin) and the issue went away.

Leaving this in case it helps someone else.

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I’ve had an item labelled “Encrypt” in my notes list on Android. Everything worked fine on Windows. I couldn’t figure out what this item was for, though I noticed some notebooks were missing. I tried clicking the “Encrypt” item but nothing happened, so I ignored it for awhile.

Then tonight, my Windows installation prompted me to re-encrypt everything due to a change in the encryption method (version 1.0.197). The instructions told me to resynchronize all other installations, so I did that on Android. I still had this mysterious “Encrypt” item, so I went digging through the Options, and found on the Encryption page that several notes had previously failed to decrypt. So, I clicked them one at a time, and each successfully decrypted. After doing this, my missing notes appeared, and the “Encrypt” item in the note list was gone.

Just an FYI for anyone that might see this Encrypt item in their note list.

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