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After no problems syncing for quite some time, I now have an error on Android stating that "Some items cannot be syncronized" and it then lists one item that cannot be decrypted. It provides as Revision ID. I found this file on my Desktop installation (, and see that it is 4.4MB in size. Since it's encrypted, I can't seem to figure anything out by looking at the note, but I figure there should be an intact decrypted version on the desktop?

I don't want to lose data, and many of the notes I have can be recreated if I deal with them quickly. How do I go about determining which file or note is failing to synchronize, and deal with this error?


Any suggestions on how I can figure out which note or attachment is the one at issue here? Can find the decrypted version of this revision ID on my desktop somehow?

I recalled that I could look in the database with an SQLite viewer and found it that way. I'd like to simply delete that revision now, but it looks like the only way is to reduce note history to 1 day for all notes, then wait?

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