Strange characters

I've read through topics with the keyword character in them and can't see this.
I'm getting strange characters in my notes.
Here's what I get when I press the space bar 6 times.

Here's a note imported using the clipper.

Anyone got any clues ?


Do those characters appear in markdown editor as well?
What's about mobile client, can you see those characters there?

It seems like a setup problem honestly, I wonder if you have some OS level spellchecking/screenreading going on?

No luck there. I can't recreate the issue in the markdown editor or on the android version.
I'm on Windows 10.
I've tried experimental UTF-8 in the language settings and that didn't work.

Do you have those characters in every note or only in some? any correlation with the note content?

Just in case it is indeed faulty characters, could you share a sample note in .jex?

Does the behaviour persist if you switch to safe mode? Help > Toggle Safe mode

Also, please provide the version of Joplin you're using.

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