Something is wrong about the characters I typed in

I am using Joplin 1.0.175 portable.

I just found something wrong with the character set or something else. When I am typing the single quotation marks or the double quotation marks in plaintext, the result of the markdown representation is not correct,


Hope you can see the slight differences, on the right side they are Chinese characters! Not sure what had happened before it appears, but it’s not an issue for other characters like semicolon, colon, etc. Is this due to my local configuration? Or, how can I bypass this issue if I want to use the markdown representation as the exact text I typed in? Thank you!

I just tried to export as raw directory, then imported to a new profile again, and the issue got fixed! Not sure what happened in the meanwhile. Thank you and looking forward to your replies!

I just found that if I enable “Enable typographer support”, this issue will appear, disable it then everything is correct.