Rarely, final characters in note edits go missing

Joplin version 1.0.170 (prod, win32)
Windows 8.1
No log because I don’t yet know how to reproduce issue

Sometimes I will add text to a note, sync it, and come back later and find that the very end of the added text - just the last character or so - is missing.

I hesitated to file this for months because it happens so rarely and at first I thought it was probably user error and I’d forgotten to type the last character or something, but I notice it something like once a month and at this point I’m pretty confident it’s an actual issue.

I hate to report an issue that’s so inconsistent and that I’m really not sure how to reproduce, but because this is potentially a data loss bug it seemed worth mentioning to see if anyone else is experiencing this or if there are suggestions on how to isolate a repro.

The most recent case is that I was editing a note recently (within the past day or two) and added the following line to the end of a list in the middle of a note:
- Witcher 3
Today I noticed that line looked like this:
- Witcher
I’m pretty confident I really did have the 3 in there originally as I recall thinking about whether to use 3 or III. And the 3 was gone today, but the space immediately preceding it was there.

As noted, I believe I’ve seen this issue rarely for some months now, so I suspect it goes back several versions. I primarily edit my notes on my Windows desktop and that’s where I added this line and then later observed it was missing the 3. I sync to Dropbox and to several other devices - an iPhone, an iPad, a Surface tablet PC running Windows 8.1, and a Chromebook running the Android version. In this case, I think the only other device besides the desktop that sync’d between my adding this line and noting the missing character was the iPhone, and I don’t think I made any edits to this note there.

I’m happy to provide any further details or run any suggested experiments to help track this down. I really like Joplin (I’m a Patreon supporter; though not on this email) and want to be confident I can trust it with my data.


I’ve noticed that once with the mobile app too and indeed it’s one of these bugs that are so hard to replicate, that they are difficult to fix. I’m planning to look into it again at some point.

I’ve noticed that sometimes the delete key (backspace on Windows/Linux) deletes 2 characters instead of one. There’s no way to reproduce it. Sometimes it happens, mostly it doesn’t. Very strange.