Storage Directory for Docker Server

I'm running joplin server in docker (images: joplin/server and postgres).

For my own peace of mind, I like to be able to see the notes somewhere in the file system. That way I know where to find them if I need to restore from a backup.

However, I'm at a loss for how to find these files. I'm combing through postgres' docker volume but can't seem to find my notes.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

@TheFury welcome to the forum.

The note data is not stored as notes in the file system but in the Postgres database files that you can see in the data volume that is mapped to /var/lib/postgresql/data. I know little about Postgres but I guess that you would have to use Postgres or another tool to query the database. Additionally, if you have End-to-End Encryption switched on you wouldn't be able to read the note data as it would be encrypted.

I suppose that you could back up the entire folder but I do not know if that would be a good thing to do if the database is running.

Backing up on the client using the Simple Backup Plugin is the method I use.

Ok, that's helpful. I guess using the backup plugin for a redundant backup of my encrypted notes couldn't hurt.

For posterity's sake: in general my backup strategy is:

  • A bunch of services running in docker in either LXCs or VMs on the same machine
  • Each LXC/VM is backed up daily to a NAS. The NAS is actually running on the same machine as the LXCs/VMs which is a failure point that I'd like to address one day (desk space is the constraint here...)
  • The NAS backs itself up to Backblaze B2 weekly

In this setup, if using the backup plugin, I would have backups of the joplin server instance itself on the NAS (db + server images and all data), PLUS a redundant backup of the encrypted notes straight to a separate share on the NAS, all of which then gets synced to B2 every week.

Overall I'm pretty comfortable with that. Thanks for the insight!

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