What directories should I back up?

  • Version Joplin Server 2.10.10
  • Docker container running on Linux from joplin/server:latest

I would like to map a network drive to the docker container for the joplin data to be stored at, but I do not see this in the documentation. I keep all my docker container data on a NAS which has redundancy and backup routines. I also like to back up the /config of a container so that in the event or restore/rebuild I can simply point the container to the /config and /data drives and it is extremely simple to restore docker containers using this method. The documentation does not indicate that any data can be passed through to a volume. Is this possible? Is it a feature to be added in the future?

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The example docker-compose.yml file (linked below) shows using a volume for the database so that all server data is stored outside the docker container.

        image: postgres:15
            - ./data/postgres:/var/lib/postgresql/data

OK so this really would only be viable if I had a separate database rather than the built in one?
How would I ensure the configs are backed up or is the authentication configured in the docker-compose all that is needed to restore the container if I have the database backed up?

I have restored an instance of Joplin Server using just the docker-compose file and a copy of the database data directory.

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