Backup of joplin server - is the database sufficient?


I just found out about the new Joplin server and the suggested docker-compose file. I wanted to have a closer look but I am a bit concerned about the safety of my files/notes.

Up till now, all files are organized in the file system of my nextcloud server that has a daily backup strategy (worked well today :innocent:).
When considering switching to the Joplin server, I must be sure that I can implement a backup strategy there as well.

  1. Are all data stored in the database? I found a reply somewhere in the forum that seems to indicate this. Will this be true in the future as well, @laurent? I want to avoid losing my safety net at the wrong moment.
  2. The attachments might get quite quickly large compared to what a DB can handle efficiently. Are all attachments stored in the DB forever?

Thank you very much!


Exactly what I was thinking as well.. Would need a good backup plan before committing to Joplin server.

I uploaded my notes to Joplin server and found that the DB reached 1GB in size; Seems to be all the files were kept in PG.

If no one familiar responds I may try to boot up a fresh instance with the DB backed up to see if it carries the notes over.


That is true but I am also concerned that this might change unnoticed over time. So, now it might well be the case that the DB is sufficient but if the implementation is changed "internally", this might render the backup solution invalid.

The fact that all the files are inside PG is a problem. The attachments should be in a separate folder.

why should it be a problem that the files are stored in the database?

It's going to take up a lot of space. The attachments should be in a separate folder, and in the PG links.
I've got 300mb pg dump in three days. Nextcloud for the year 20mb.

Space technically it doesn't really matter whether 300 MB of attachments are stored in the file system or in the database.

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