Sorting notes and filtering tags

New sorting possibilities for a notebook / highlighting of tags
1/ primarily by date of creation or modification
2/ optionally, allow you to see the tags when hovering over the article and/or on the line below

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You can sort the notebooks in order of updating. I only found a bug in the "reverse sort order" option.

There are also some great plugins for tags. I am attaching two of them below:


Thank you for the quick reply
Good for sorting by creation/modification date. I didn't click on the icon!

Great plugin “Inline Tag Navigator”. Only problem, no matter how much I refresh its database, I have incomprehensible tag references!
Capture d’écran du 2024-03-07 19-05-08
an idea ?

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I'm glad it was helpful for you. @shikuz is a very responsive developer. I believe he can assist you if you mention this issue in his thread.

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Thanks @Herve, glad you like it. You probably have these written in your notes, so the plugin detects them. First, I want to say that as you start typing a tag that you're searching for in the "Filter tags..." box, the list will be filtered and include only the relevant tags. Personally, I don't mind the extra tags because they disappear whenever I look for a specific tag.

Second, there are various ways for automatically removing unnecessary tags from the list:

  1. If these tags may appear in HTML notes, make sure that Ignore HTML notes is checked in the Tag Navigator settings.
  2. If these tags may appear in code blocks, make sure that Ignore code blocks is checked.
  3. If these are likely very rare tags, you may set the Minimum tag count to be greater than 1. If you do, any tags that appear less times than the minimum count will be ignored. (For example, the first time you use a tag it won't appear in the list, until you use it a few times.)
  4. You can exclude tags by setting a filter in the Exclude regex setting. For example, in order to exclude tags like the ones in your image, you could write something like #\d+\b. This is how it should look in your settings:

Finally, I recommend watching the 2-min tutorial video.

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Hello @shikuz
Thank you for the quick reply
I have already watched the video and tried to play with the plugin without success by checking or unchecking the boxes while resetting the base.

I don't think I tagged any notes in the content. I do not know how to do. I use Joplin tags

I applied the rule, it deletes the tags as you suggested but I still don't see my tags.

Afterwards I wonder if I don't have tags that are problematic!??
In order to type my tag words, I put a special character in front of
"!": important
"@": do action to do
...see image, maybe the problem

Capture d’écran du 2024-03-08 10-26-26

I understand the confusion.

Tagging paragraphs in notes is done simply by including the #tag somewhere in the text. (This paragraph would be tagged by #tag.)

This is what the plugin refers to as "inline tag", and the plugin collects all your inline tags and displays text sections that are tagged.

Joplin's native search already handles Joplin tags very well, so I did not focus on them.

However, I'm curious to hear what as a user would you expect the plugin to do with Joplin tags? Let's say that you search for the tag "!important". Do you expect it to list the !important-tagged notes and display their entire content in the panel?

Ah indeed, I find this concept of entering tags more quickly interesting. However, I use Joplin tags because it seems better to me to be "native" to Joplin. I'm afraid, by putting the tags online, that I'll have a problem if you stop development one day (or it would be interesting to have a possible convert between the two ;-)).

For me, with Joplin, you have to go through filters which are less intuitive than what I understood from your plugin. A mix might interest me :slight_smile:

If I filter the "!important" tag, the idea is to have the list of articles with this tag, then by selecting a title, to have the complete display in the right panel

Otherwise another question why do I still have all these pseudo-tags remaining listed?

It's certainly possible to combine Joplin tags with inline tags. For example, have an article tagged with "!important", and keep specific paragraphs within the articles tagged with "!important". One way to achieve this is by using the Inline Tags plugin. With this plugin, you can write an inline tag in the text, and at the same time tag the note with the same Joplin tag.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll see if I can add support for Joplin tags in the next version.

The pseudo-tags that you see are tags that appear in your notes. You can click on them and see where exactly they appear in your notes. Even though you did not add them intentionally, they most probably follow the tag template and are therefore detected.

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