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Feature request - By-Notebook sorting preference

In the Windows (and Android) clients, there are (for my taste) plenty of sorting options, but I would like to be able to specify a default sort for any specific notebook, apart from the default sort for the app overall. (e.g. I use Evernote, soon-to-be-Joplin) for my journal and title each entry with the date (in ISO format for good sorting, yyyy-mm-dd) and want the sort order to be in Reverse order By Title so my entries are in date sequence regardless of when any note was created or updated. Generally, I want most other notebooks to sort by Create date or maybe Modified date most of the time.



+1 for such feature

I would also appreciate such a feature for the same reasons.

I am also maintaining a journal where all notes in that notebook simply have the date as their title (BTW, I also use format yyyy-mm-dd). Obviously, sorting by title in reverse order makes most sense because, otherwise, I would have to scroll down more and more in order to access the latest journal entry.

In notebooks containing notes about a specific matter I’d prefer alphabetical sort order (ascending).

Currently, I am using Joplin for my journal the most, so I configured descending alphabetical sort order application wide. But it’s really a drawback for all my other notebooks where I’d prefer ascending order most of the time.

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I’d like this as well.
I have some notebooks where alphabetical (title) makes sense, others where I want a custom sort, and still others by creation date.

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another +1 for this functionality

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another +1
Especially for all the all notes view i would prefere a different sorting (by date) than the rest of my notebooks (by name)


+1 Tossing my coin in the fountain here for this feature.

#Me Too

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Very much interested in this feature too

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Me too!
I would like to be able to sort my 'main' notebook by Updated Date and my 'tasks' notebook a Custom order where I can move the tasks up and down

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