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Add ability to set different sort for different notebooks

I sort each of my notebooks differently. Some I use a custom order, others I sort by the created date in descending order.

Having only one sort order means I manually need to switch the sort when switching between notebooks. This is a pain and it would be useful if I can just have a different sort for each notebook.


This kind of demand is rare, at least I know few of them, such as the most common Windows file manager

It isn't for my use case. I have a notebook with journal entries, sorted by date (most recent, to latest).

Another notebook example contains personal notes. With a custom sort order, because I've a bunch of notes in there I use frequently, so I've organised them properly at the top. There's lots of other notes in there too, so not using a sort order is a pain.

I use these notebooks every day, and having to continually change the sort order is really annoying. I think this feature should be added since it's pretty straightforward to implement, and would remove a major hassle for users like myself (even if there's only a few of us).


You can find similar discussions here, too:

So it seems like "this kind of demand" is NOT as rare.


To me this is a brilliant idea and it would be great if it could be implemented.

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I'd really like this feature too.
I'm pretty much in the same situation as @dspacejs
Need to sort journal entries different than Inbox entries, and different than the rest of the notebooks.

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This is a functionality I would be very keen on having too for similar reasons. I have numerous notebooks for journaling and project management which I sort by creation date. And other notebooks which I sort in an alphabetical way.

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I constantly find myself missing this feature now. Notebooks where I add web clippings, for example, are natural fits for being sorted by time created so the latest addition ends up on top and I don't have to browse for it. More stable notebooks, like dynamic searches created by the Notes Overview plugin are best sorted by name and look like a mess when sorted by time.

I think note sort order should be per notebook and not globally.


Sometimes, we need sorting by time but sometimes we need sort alphabetically or numerically, like when we use numbering sequence as in Zettelkasten approach and needs depends on the notebook.