Some resources are broken

Some resources are broken. They are referenced at the notes but they don’t load and can’t be opened. The associated files at ./.resource are still there but their associated .MD files don’t exist. I suppose they were never synced to folder because if they were synced and later deleted I would find them at my Google Drive trash.

Context: I sync Joplin with folder manually and the folder is automatically synced with Google Drive.I use Joplin between two computers which I don’t use concurrently. It’s computer in city A that I use for most of the year and computer in city B that I use during vacations. I have encryption enabled and I accidentally created a new key when setting up Joplin in one of the computers after a clean up.

You mention the computers are in different places. Does it mean one of them is very infrequently synced? I’m thinking maybe you’ve hit and edge case, and resources got incorrectly auto deleted.

Yes. Months without syncing.

Maybe it has also something to do with

@laurent Is there a way to decrypt the broken resources to recover the files?

I’m sorry, I have misread the problem. Please, ignore above link.