Resource deleted even though it is not an orphan

Today I discovered for the first time that resources have been deleted even though they are not orphans.


The note that the resource was uploaded to has the following data:

Created: 02.10.2018 09:01
Updated: 23.10.2018 17:34

I find the resouce that is referred to in in this note in my Dropbox deleted files folder with :

Deletion date: 23.10.2018 16:44

Restoring the file from the Dopbox delete folder restores the link in Joplin, but I am a bit worried about how the file has been deleted in the first place.

Does Joplin create a log when it delete files, for example? Anyone else experienced that resources have been unwantedly deleted?

Thanks for all help!

How was the resource included in the note? i.e. was it ![](:/ID) or <img src=":/ID"/>? Any chance you could paste the exact code here?

Hi Laurent

Below is the code of the note. Both resources were missing.

# Møte

## Påminnelser 


## Agenda

[agenda oktober.pdf](:/6aecd1c66e48469a9493d8fb3c24ef80)

Additional info:

I restored the deleted files from Dropbox and now the link works on W10 Desktop and Android.

It does not work on iOS and Linux. On iOS i get the message “The attachment is not downloaded or decrypted yet”. On Linux the link simply does not open.

This is my setup:

Linux - Dropbox filesystem sync - Resource does NOT open
Android - Dropbox API sync - Resource DOES open
iOS - Dropbox API sync - Resource does NOT open
W10 - Dropbox API sync - Resource DOES open

Encryption is activated on all devices.

Even more additional info:

The log on the iOS device says something like :

DecryptionWorker error for : 6aecd… (resource) could’nt be moved to Documents because an item with that name already exists.

The resource ID is identical to the one that won’t open on my device.