Kindly asking about the actual status of 'orphaned Files' issue?


just tried to clean up my orphaned files in resource dir by removing all entries in joplin (after exporting), syncing and reimporting my backup. I expected that the resource dir would be empty and the the dropbox dir to be empty as well after removing and syncing. Unfortunately nothing was removed from those dirs …

I was wondering if this issue is in the works and expected to be fixed soon or if there is a workaround in the meantime (except bash removal script or deleting everything manually and registering all joplin instances with dropbox again) ?


my system:
Joplin 1.0.174 (enable note History off) syncing with Dropbox

If “enable note History off” means that note history is disabled:
I got a response to a similiar question some time ago that note history has to be turned on so that orphaned resource files can be deleted after some time.

ah… didn’t know about that…
I expected that if it is disabled then deleting an image from a note would remove it from the resourcesdir immediately …
so I enabled it and set days to ‘0’, exited joplin comletely, restarted … nothing was removed …
this is confusing…

Set it to 1 day and wait at least 48 hours.

ok I’ll do and try that … ( I am not so sure about the 48h though … read somewhere about 24h … thats why I asked about the current status…)

btw: is there a way to remove everything from local resource dir and remote Dropbox dir without the need to wait 48 hours or reinstalling everything ?

See this post:

yes i read about that before but just can’t believe that’s not possible to wipe out the data in joplin itsself…
I am on windows so bash seems cmpicated… python would be easier (at least for me …)