Some notes imported from EN with blank boxes next to them?

Joplin 2.11.11 (prod, darwin); MacbookPro Monterey 12.6.7

New to Joplin. I imported several notebooks from Evernote (exported as .enex; imported as markdown). Went very smoothly but in several of the notebooks, at the top of the note list (sorted by date created) there are notes what have a small checkbox next to them. What do these boxes indicate? I hesitate to check them since I don't know what they mean. One of the notebooks has over 2500 notes and has seven such notes.

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If it looks like the tick box in the picture below it means the note has been imported as a "to-do". If you want to change it to a "Note", right-click and select "Switch between note and to-do type".


If you keep it as a "to-do", ticking the box will mark it as "complete".

Where "to-dos" appear in your note list and whether they are visible after being completed is controlled in the "View" menu.


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Thank you! That did the trick.

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