Evernote import, had to restart, used Delete All in All Notes, new import leaves All Notes empty!

Joplin v.2.11.11, MacOS 12.6.6

New user. Moving across from Evernote.
First attempt, I used a .enix backup of all my notes, which lost all my notebooks.
I wanted to wipe and start again, the various methods I found online were confusing (couldn't find the data folder, etc), so I used Delete All in All Notes, and then imported .enix backups made from each individual notebook in Evernote.

The notebooks all loaded across fine. But, All Notes remains empty!

Is there a way to force All Notes to, you know, contain all my notes? Can I drag the notebooks in there safely to do so?

Grateful for all advice, even if it's 'wipe and start again'... as long as someone explains to me how to actually do so!!

That sounds like a bug. What if you close and restart the app, do notes show up under "All notes"? And you definitely have notes in those notebooks?

Thanks for answering!
In order: close and reopen does nothing to repopulate All Notes, I have notes in the Notebooks.

I've uninstalled (with remove data) and reinstalled to no effect.

It's not clear what's happening. Are you able to provide a screenshot or video of the problem?

The notebooks visible and others all contain notes: All Notes is greyed out and empty.

And "all notes" is still empty?

Yes, I fear!

Oh! Just did another sync; although the All Notes is greyed out and not showing number of notes in it, I just clicked on it and the notes are there AND it updates with the latest note I clicked on in a notebook!

Looks like the last sync did the job. Thanks for your time!

(Now, just got to get it to sync with my Android instance and I'm a happy bunny!)
EDIT: It did! Now to actually play...

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Just letting you know that there is nothing wrong with your Joplin client. "All notes" is actually grey compared to the notebook names and it does not display the number of notes.

Below is a screenshot from a new install of Joplin.


Well, that explains it!! :rofl:

(Does it usually show number of notes, though? iirc, it did before my deleting...)

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I don't think that it has ever displayed the total number of notes.

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