Software freezes when typing in the editor window for 3-4 seconds


Joplin is good soft, but there is an next problem:

  1. When windows starts, joplin works well 1-2 days of problem appears during changing books
  2. After, appear very sad bug, if i want to type something in redactor, soft freezes, the cursor disappears, letters appear slow and not stable...
  3. For solve this issue, need to restart pc((
  4. windows 10, joplin portable, no many information, not portable version has same problem(

What plugins do you use?

I haven't installed any plugins, simple portable version

See only Markdown tab, there are enable:

Enable Linkify (wysiwyg: yes)
Enable math expressions (wysiwyg: yes)
Enable Mermaid diagrams support (wysiwyg: yes)
Enable audio player (wysiwyg: no)
Enable video player (wysiwyg: no)
Enable PDF viewer (wysiwyg: no)
Enable ==mark== syntax (wysiwyg: yes)
Enable footnotes (wysiwyg: no)
Enable table of contents extension (wysiwyg: no)

I think it is global problem for all joplin area, when i open menu and etc, soft can stupid 3-4 seconds...

My pc is normal, issue can be ram or processor ((
It is normal, in tree processes ?

Anything in the log? How to enable debugging | Joplin

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