Joplin Freezes on Every Editor Change

Edit: Issue resolved by updating to prerelease build. I’d highly recommend updating to prerelease if you are also experiencing lag. It’s buttery smooth again!

Hello all,

I am using Joplin for Desktop version 1.0.179 on Windows 10 1909.

I am working on a note that is just over 31,000 characters, and it contains lots of KaTeX equations, code snippets, and images.

While the document is rendering, Joplin completely freezes. Lets say I notice I need to add parentheses around an object. I can scroll and move my cursor through Joplin just fine, but once I enter that first paranthesis and start to arrow my cursor to the other one, it freezes for probably 20 seconds while it renders the document (incorrectly even because I haven’t closed the parentheses) and then when it comes to my cursor is way past the mark as it “catches up” to my inputs.

I don’t understand how the performance could be this bad. I have an i7-6600U and 8GB of ram, with no programs running in the background.

It’s to the point where I exclusively use external editors because using an editor tied to the performance of the rendering is a terrible experience.

Please try the latest prerelease as it has a fix for this.

Thanks for the info, I didn’t realize how easy it was to opt into the prerelease builds. This solved my problem and editing this file is buttery smooth again.