Small quality of life improvements to Joplin

I am a very, very happy user of Joplin! I use it all the time to organize mostly code snippets and work instructions for my projects. So if nothing happens with these, no hard feelings! Still I keep stepping on those same little rocks in my shoe and I thought I'd write them down here:

1 Copying a line of inline code shouldn't copy its surrounding formatting code. I you select the line of code without being super precise, you'll get on your clipboard something like:

'npm i ...'

&nbsp ;

2 There used to be a markdown editor. Now i can toggle editors but I have no idea what it's for. There is no markdown anymore to be edited.

3 There is no warning when dragging a note to another parent. This can happen very easily without even noticing it. Just a popup with the message: "Do you want to copy A to B?" with Ok and Cancel button would save a lot of head-scratching 'where the hell is my note?!'

4 Clearly marked "Search all" button and show search scope when using it.

5 There is no File, Open option. I actually don't really know where my notebook is stored. Could also just be an Info option under Notebook in the menu that shows the path. I don't couldn't find the path in the menu options anywhere.

6 I always reload a note to see that it recognized and converted links. This should just happen when the link is pasted, or space or return key is hit.

7 Language selector dropdown when adding code blocks. It does work well already but I tend to use the same languages so it would be nice to pre select my common ones with an option for 'other' to specify another language.

Answering what I can below:

2.) See WYSIWYG Toggle for how to toggle between Markdown and Rich Text editors.

3.) Changing notebook appearance when dragged over may be more helpful. Another option is pressing Ctrl+Shift+P then using moveToFolder to type or select a notebook.

4.) Search plugins like VS-Code Style Note Search show search scope.

5.) The first line of Tools > Options > General shows full path of where notes and settings are stored.

7.) Workarounds include prototyping that with the Slash Commands plugin or using a text expander.

That's because you shouldn't really be messing with those. They aren't meant to be edited by the user.