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Joplin is a very good notebook but I have to leave some bad critics to the app. I have Windows 64 bit system and Brave Beta as browser. I have downloaded the Joplin app for Windows but I think it opens very slow, it takes almost 5 minutes before it to open. Is it because of the browser or my cache memory has to be cleaned or what?

I long for the web version of Joplin.

Joplin isn't very fast but it shouldn't take more than 5-10 seconds to open (as long as the hardware is somewhat decent and not a 10-year-old PC with a spinning disk). Have you installed any plugins? If yes, then please try to disable them and see if there is any improvement.

There is no relation between the Web browser you use and Joplin.

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Yes I have 3 plugins downloaded and my computer is atleast 10 years old and I cant afford a new one yet.

Please still test with the plugins disabled. It shouldn't take that long to start no matter how slow the device is. If the slowness happens even with no plugins enabled, then the problem is likely on the PC side, unfortunately. If the device is very old, you may want to check the state of the hard drive (as it may very well be dying).

Does your computer have a hard drive or solid state drive? If the former, upgrading to SSD is very inexpensive and would speed things up considerably, not just with Joplin, but with Windows and all your apps.

I don't think disabling your 3 plugins is going to make much difference. I have 19 plugins and Joplin performs just fine on my PC.

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Yes its an Acer I7 quadcore laptop with a spinning 1 Tb internal harddrive inside. Then I have a 5 Tb WD external harddrive connected to my laptop and that harddrive I use as my digital external folder

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No wonder it's so slow. Hard disks are obsolete at this point. Upgrade to SSD, it's the most cost effective way to get some more life out of that laptop. And preferably get a SSD large enough that you can keep your Joplin data on the SSD so that neither the app or the data have to be accessed from a slow HDD. And you can take that SSD with you when you replace that laptop.

Up until a year ago I was running Joplin on a first generation Core-I7 (2.2GHz, I7-960 I believe it was) box that was at least 12 years old if not more but with a few SSD upgrades. I never noticed Joplin taking more than a couple of seconds to start. If it took longer I never would have switched (from Nevernote) to it.

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