Slow boot on Windows10 (Joplin portable)

hi, on win10 using joplin portable the app is very slow to start. +-30s before Joplin is visible on the systray. then opening it directly Joplin need 15s to be fully loaded.

I wondering how to monitor the startup ? I guess I have a plugin causing the slow boot but how to identify it ? I have enabled the debug (flags.txt) but don't see much. thank you


Disable plugins one by one and see if the issue is gone?

yes I will do that but I am wondering if there is a better method ? (like a detailed logs of the boot to see timing of each plugins in once for example)

I have this similar problem (on Mac OS X and POP_OS). I'm trying to disable/enable each plugin to identify if thats the issue.

Out of curiosity do you have any other electron based applications that show the same thing?

you mean like Slack, Discord etc ? no issues with them

Joplin portable unpacks some files on every start, this can if not cause then at least contribute to the issue you're seeing.
You can try installing it and see if it helps at all.

good to know thank you. I will have a look

Please let us know if you find out what plugin is cauing the slow start (assuming that's what it is) as perhaps it can be optimised application-side.


After restarting my computer Joplin boot in +-14s instead of +30s. I don't reboot my pc often. Could it be related?

If plugins disabled Joplin boot in 12s. So plugins may not be my issue. Is 12s expected or still too long?

To give more feedback, when Joplin has just started and I open the app for the first time I notice that Favorite and Note tabs plugins need around 15s to be fully loaded (both have less than 10 notes pinned).

I don't know if it's important to know but I also have 170 items that cannot be synchronised. (I've deleted some useless items directly from the /resources folder at my beginning (but I am now aware it wasn't a good idea :).

Here is my plugins list:


My Joplin:

Note: 3583/3583
Folder: 59/59
Resource: 5672/5672
Tag: 517/517
NoteTag: 8090/8090
MasterKey: 0/0
Revision: 5/5
Total: 17926/17926

My pc: core i7, 32Gb ddr4, ssd

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It takes my badly maintained Windows 10 laptop about 9s (installed not portable).

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For the record, it's not just some files. It literally unpacks all files specific to the particular CPU architecture. It's like installing Joplin on each run. This can require a significant amount of both CPU power and I/O. If the hardware is slow and/or the OS is busy doing other things (e.g. while booting), the whole process can take a while. An antivirus can add even more time to that.

In my case, it's around 5 seconds on fast system, and up to 30+ seconds on a slow Intel Atom device. This is with Windows Defender disabled in both cases.

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