I'm completely frustrated with Joplin at this point. I've been using Joplin for over a year now. Prior I was using Evernote. I was intrigued by the features of Joplin and it's extensive plugins. I migrated everything and was happy with it for a while. But honestly, the performance over the past few months is atrocious. As I'm writing this, I've been waiting for Joplin to respond to any event. Mouse clicks don't work, keyboard events don't work. It's just sitting there staring at me. Th log has no output in the last 20 minutes and that was simply that sync was cancelled (my sync is off for now). The only solution is to kill and restart Joplin which MAY give me a few minutes of respite before it decides to sleep again. As long as Joplin is running, my drive light stays active. What the hell is it doing to my drive.
This is killing me. I really like Joplin and want it to be my tool of choice but at this point I am switching to Obsidian.
I'll miss the Joplin browser plugin but the generic markdown plugin is working okay with Obsidain.
Is that Joplin can't handle a few thousand notes or what? Whatever it is, I'm just completely tired of my workflow being screwed up due to Joplin.

Due to using Electron, Joplin is never going to be as fast or lightweight as native applications. That said, I use it on an 8-year-old Intel Atom tablet with no real performance issues (other than being slow to open), so normally the performance shouldn't really be as bad as you describe it.

Can you provide more specifics on the operating system and the hardware at hand? If the machine is weak, I'd suggest disabling all built-in plugins that you don't need. Also, if you've installed any 3rd party plugins, then you may also want to disable/uninstall them and see whether there's any difference.

HP Envy 17inch Laptop
16GIG Ram
NVidia Graphics

The information isn't really enough. If you're not very tech-savvy, please provide at least the full name and model number of the laptop, so that others can check the specs themselves.

Are there really two HDDs there (and no SSD)? A 17" laptop with 16 GB of RAM and no SSD would be quite unusual these days. If that's really the case though, then the slow performance would be quite understandable, especially if the OS is Windows, as Windows 10 and newer can't really perform well on a spinning drive (unless you tweak it to the oblivion, e.g. disable the antivirus, disk indexing, background updates, etc.).


What is your Joplin version and how many notes do you have in total ? I think I have seen people with thousands of notes without problems in this forum before. Maybe the joplin version matters.

Joplin v2.8.8
Model: HP ENVY 17 Notebook PC 097E110000405E00000620100
Distro: Ubuntu 21.10 [x86_64]
Kernel: Linux 5.13.0-44-generic
CPU: 8 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710MQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
GPU: NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 840M] (rev a2)
GPU: Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)
RAM: 15938 MiB

2 Drives, None are SSD.

As to the phrase "Slow Performance" It's more like "No Performance"
Understand, I'm not trying to abuse Joplin. I love the app, but I'm suffering here.

This is most likely a plugin issue, what plugins do you use?

I have many plugins.
Let me run in safe mode and see if it's ok. Then I'll start adding them one by one.
This will be tedious but if it's a plugin and I find it, then it will be worth it.

How can I run the appimage in safe mode?

Help > Safe mode ?

There's no way to run safe mode initially? I really don't want to have to wait fro 10 minutes for it to load and pray I can actually navigate to Help -> Safe mode.

BTW, I'm running from an appimage. I've extracted he appimage using --appimage-extract' so I can run it using AppRun.

In your profile directory you could rename your plugins folder to eg "plugin.temp" to disable all plugins.


If you post the whole list maybe we could make a guess at what plugins are more likely to be causing this (assuming it is indeed a plugin). This could save you time trying.

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Yeah. I have thousands of notes and no perf issues. And when I had them, I basically disabled plugins until I found out the culprit, then got rid of it. So there's a decent chance you'll fix this. :+1:t2:

Thanks guys. I disable all but 3 critical plugins and I'm good to go. When I have time I'll find the culprit(s).
I would be nice if there was a command line option for safe mode other than renaming the plugin folder.
I think Ill put Obsidian on hold for now :rofl:


From time to time I see posts of this nature and I always wonder why people don't ask for help early in their frustration instead of basically writing a rant saying they've already switched to another app.

@iomari was there a reason that prevented you from reaching out sooner? I'm honestly just curious. I hope you reach out sooner next time.

It is natural that users are unwilling to post feedback about their dissatisfaction. It is very valuable to give us feedback, even after they have switched.

That is why we need to make an effort to understand what users are looking for by providing various means.

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but I'm asking why. No one is questioning the value of the feedback here.

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This is probably a question to ask a psychologist rather than a programmer :wink:.

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