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Joplin 2.13.11 (prod, win32)

Client ID: ccebbfb8fc75489a9f479d4c674549dc
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 6670f9a

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Joplin Cloud

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I've been using Joplin for 2+ years to organize content for role-playing games. That means large notebook trees--20 pages inside 1 notebook, itself inside another notebook with 8 pages in it, etc. Today, I realized that the first notebook tree I ever constructed is missing from my sidebar--however, seemingly all of its contents are still accessible via their tags and the All Notes search function.

When I click on one of those notes, it shows me the small box at the top saying what notebook/folder it is in; clicking on it produces the notes in the note list, but no notebooks in the sidebar. In other words, it's like Joplin still "sees" the file tree system, but refuses to actually show it to me in the sidebar.

My other notebooks and notebook trees are fine--but now I am scared the same thing could happen to them and I could lose my entire system of organization.

Any ideas?

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It wouldn't know the notebook title if the notebook wasn't there anymore, so this is strange. Would you be able to post a video of it to see what's happening exactly?

Hi there. I just made a new notebook and threw all the orphaned notes into it.

However, I noticed something strange on mobile. When in a note, the drop-down at the top of the note tab that shows what notebook the note is in, when opened up to display all notes, shows not the missing top-level master notebook, but the notebooks that were inside it. However, those notebooks don't appear in the sidebar.

In the video I uploaded, I showed this. You'll note that the notebook titled "The Civil War," visible from the dropdown, is at the same level in the overall file structure as the other top-level notebooks in the sidebar--yet it does not appear there. I put a note (the to-do note, Sumatran Song) from a notebook (the notebook, Quests) that is present into it (the notebook, The Civil War), making it impossible to open except via the "All Notes" function, then move it back to a present notebook.

The strangest thing is that those invisible notebooks are still viewable somewhere in the file tree even though there are no longer any notes in them. What it seems like happened is their parent notebook somehow disappeared, got corrupted, deleted, etc. and they were left behind with a broken file path.

https colon //drive dot google dot com/file/d/1nO5vM3oNU1qvw2SdD0WcErE03xkqaIdG/view?usp=sharing

It won't let me post a link or upload the video itself.