Toggle between WYSIWIG/Markdown editor mode with keyboard shortcut

I am trying to figure out how I can switch between the markdown Editor mode and the markdown Viewer modes with a keyboard switch. Right now, I am using the toggle button on the top right for that and have disabled the Split View mode, but would love to have a keyboard-only way to toggle between the two modes. Maybe I just am missing how this can be done already?


It should be Ctrl-L by default (Cmd-L on macOS)

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Thank you for the super-fast response!

Right, that is what I see configured for "Toggle editor layout" on both my Mac (CMD) and my Linux (CTRL) machine.

However, on neither machine does the UI switch the article view from the rendered Markdown to the raw Markdown once I press that shortcut. I always need to use the mouse, press the top right switch button ("[MD|Edit]"), and also need to remember to check if the split view button just above that switch is deactivated: In case nothing changes, that button needs to be ticked, too.

It would be really helpful if I could drop into raw Markdown editing without having to use the mouse. And if I simply am doing something wrong, I have no idea what that is...

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It looks like you're a bit confused about the different editing modes in Joplin.
Joplin has 2 editors, the markdown editor and the WYSIWYG editor.
With the markdown editor you can toggle between the editor alone, the viewer alone, and split view (Ctrl-L, Cmd-L).
The WYSIWYG editor does not have separate modes.

AFAIK there isn't a keybinding to switch between the markdown and the WYSIWYG editors.

So if you do want quick switch of viewing/editing and you don't like the split view. Just select "Editor/Viewer" under View -> Layout Button Sequence.
If you do indeed want to toggle between the WYSIWYG editor and the markdown editor, you are unfortunately out of luck for now.

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Thanks for the explanation! Sadly, this:

If you do indeed want to toggle between the WYSIWYG editor and the markdown editor, you are unfortunately out of luck for now.

Is exactly what I was after. Thank you for confirming that it isn't possible, at least. Adapted the headline accordingly.

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It might be helpful to understand why I made this feature suggestion:
Copy-pasting already structured text into the WYSIWIG editor works much better; And taking quick notes is easier there, too. But at other times, you need a more powerful editor, ideally something like vim.
That is, I am at the point where I am using the WYSIWIG editor only, and use an external editor (vim) for Markdown, which is a better editor than the built-in Markdown editor, too.

Another goal is that I want to be able to view multiple documents side-by-side, for which I'd have to use Typora or something like that as the external editor.
So that in fact conflicts with the above goal (using vim to edit Markdown).

Overall, therefore, less than the feature request I made originally, a more useful feature even would be a way to show multiple notes side-by-side while also being able to set vim as my Markdown editor.

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