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Hello to all,

One of the things I miss a little about Joplin is the ability to capture an idea on the fly from anywhere. Example. I'm annotating a PDF in another program and an idea or task comes to mind. I would like to be able to capture this idea very quickly and without friction (via a popup or other) and stay in the workflow on my PDF.

Do any of you have a similar process in place? How do you do it?


Most of the time (when on Windows) I just open Notepad++ (which is always running) and jot down stuff in there because of its ability to "save" notes without needing to save them, it is pretty much just my scratchpad and I'll transfer stuff later to Joplin if I need to.

I did also toy with the idea of using the hotfolder plugin but it was just extra steps I didn't really need.

On Linux I just use shell mode and have a tiny super simple little script that sets the folder to my scratch folder and prompts me for a title and body to insert. Anything more than just one or two lines and I'll just open Joplin properly.
There are probaby far better ways to do this via the data api (including on windows) but this works as something incredibly simple to set up.

joplin use @scratch
read -p 'Title: ' title
read -p 'Text: ' text
joplin mknote "$title"
joplin set "$title" body "$text"

Hi @Daeraxa

Thanks for your feedback. I had imagined to make also a script for linux :+1:. It's true that often it's for a few lines and often for a task that I need this quick add feature (windows, linux, android).
It's also useful in a journaling perspective...

I seem to remember that someone did something like this with AutoHotKey on Windows.
A global hotkey showed a small popup window, you entered text, then it got sent to Joplin via its API.
... though I might be misremembering, it would have been many moons ago.

Interesting. It's actually something like this that I'm looking for :thinking:

Yes with the API and some tool like AutoHotKey / AutoIt it would be a easy task for Windows.

it could be a plugin idea if we imagine it for all platforms :thinking:

My guess is that it could be difficult to implement as a plugin, since the difficult part is not writing to Joplin, but integrating it into your system/wf nicely.

I set up a global shortcut on MacOS that opens a textedit window which I have configured to use plain text. It also remembers the last save location (across restarts and system updates) so it's a breeze to write down an idea and save it. Using the Hotfolder plugin the text files are then automatically imported into Joplin. Works really well and comes close to the built in quick notes functionality Apple Notes provides.

That being said I never actually use it, mostly because I don't need this functionality often enough to achieve muscle memory.

Nice :+1:

I think the use-case is self-evident, but I will add that my "ideal" solution would be something that also can behave like a webclipper, but everywhere, and supporting OCR. I could then select whatever I wanted on screen, and then hotkey send it to my "DesktopClipper" Inbox. OCR could be either automatic, or as-needed on the Joplin side.

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I keep joplin running all the time, so this might be different if you don't, but my workflow is:

  • tab to joplin app
  • hit the shortcut for the Home note plugin (apple - shift - h). (My home note is an index of everything in my "Inbox" folder using note-overview-plugin, but that is sort of irrelevant. The important part is my home note is in a "dumping ground" folder I check everyday.)
  • hit the shortcut for new note (i prefer todos, so in my case, so apple-t)
  • type the note and tab back to what i was working on.

This adds a new entry to my "inbox" and i deal with organizing it another time.

The other good thing, is that if I am wanting this "random brainstorm" note while working in Joplin, I can use the same technique, and then just hit the back button (twice) to go back to what I was doing.

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Thank you for your feedback @uxamanda. Exactly what you describe is "doable" (and I do something like that but with the templates plugin) but it seems less intuitive than a popup to add a new task like in many applications (IMHO).

Agreed @bepolymathe, would love if I could click the menubar icon and instead of just "Open Joplin", I'd see a little textbox to add a quick note and save all the switching.

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Hi all,

Out of curiosity. How you capture on phone ? Just share function ?

me - yes.

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