Sharing notes created on two machines using cloud drive fails

Should this work?
I have a laptop and a desktop, both running Ubuntu. I have a sync directory on both machines setup to sync to pCloud. The same files are available to both machines, but the notes created on one machine are not available on the other in Joplin. My synchronization on both machine points to the sync folder and encryption is disabled on both machines.

After further research, the problem only exists for notes organized under sub-notebooks. Notes created directly under notebooks work fine.


Notes1 and Note2 are sync’d and available on both machines. Notebook2 and its contents (Subnotebook, Note3 and Note4) do not even appear on the other machine even though both machines seem to have the same files.

I don’t think subnotebooks would make a difference. I’m not familiar with pCloud but one issue with filesystem sync is that it’s quite sensitive to the file timestamp, so if the tool you use somehow messes with or doesn’t transfer the timestamps correctly, it might affect sync.

What you can try is identify a note that’s not syncing in Joplin, and get its ID (in the Info dialog). Then check on the sync target if you can find this ID. Finally check its timestamps to see if there’s anything strange. Also check the log in the profile directory for possible errors.

It’s working now. Because of your reference to file timestamp, I did a
touch *
in the pCloud directory. I’m not sure I can say that was what fixed it but it IS working ok now.