Joplin Cloud - can see notes on all devices?

This seems a stupid question but I just signed up for the Joplin Cloud expecting that I could see my notes across multiple devices but I can't.

It seems to sync the notes for each device successfully to the Joplin Cloud independently of each other so I can't see desktop notes on my phone. Isn't this the point of paying for a subscription? What am I missing?

The whole point of sync is that you should be able to operate on the same set of notes on every device. If that's not the case, then something doesn't sound right, but you should probably provide more details on your current setup. Please also make sure that you use the newest version of Joplin everywhere (and not something outdated). It would also be helpful if you shared a few screenshots that show what the problem is about exactly.

As it sounds to me, you expect joplin cloud to merge different sets of notes from different devices. That’s not the way it works.

So I like to highlight that you sync 1 set of notes to joplin cloud initially. From there, this set will be synched with every other device you connect to joplin cloud as an „initial sync“. That‘s the start. After that all changes done to your notes will be synched from the device involved to joplin cloud and from there to every other device.

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I had Joplin installed on a Windows desktop and an Android phone. I discovered that they did not sync to eachother and were indepentent.
So then I subscribed to the Joplin Cloud and deleted ALL my test notes in both desktop and Android. Next I uninstalled in both environments and then installed latest version in both.
I create a note in desktop and sync'd it then set the sync details to the Cloud and username/pw in Android and synced it. But the notes from desktop do not appear in Android and vice versa when I create one. The do sync to the Joplin Cloud but independently of eachother.
How is that possible?

OK SORRY, working now. I repeated the exercise and uninstalled both apps and installed fresh again and did config and created test notes and NOW SYNCing across device.
Thanks for your replies, made me cofident that it did work and it was me who did something wrong!

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great to read it works now! happy note taking!

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