Sync via shared notebook on Joplin server stopped working


In my research lab, we are about 10 users using Joplin clients (latest 2.12.8), sharing 4584 notes (about 8 GB) via a shared notebook on Joplin server 2.7.4 running on a Synology NAS.

This morning at about 4 am, the sync stopped working - notes created by a user and synced are not downloaded by another user on another computer when syncing. No error is displayed on either side (source user sync reports the creation of the note on the server and finished normally, destination user does not see anything new when syncing).

How can I debug/solve this?

Is this issue both ways? (Does creating notes and syncing from the other user's account work?)

Are there errors/warnings shown in the Joplin Desktop developer tools (Help > Toggle Developer Tools)? It's possible that even though it's reporting that sync was successful, warnings/errors are being logged.

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