FIleSytem Sync using Syncthing - notes missing on other pc

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a sync issue w Syncthing and Joplin?

I am using Syncthing and filesystem sync and I was initially ecstatic when i set it up. I then decided to import a bunch of evernote notebooks and now I see notes are missing.

For example. PC A has more notes than PC B. fo multiple notebooks. Also, I created a few notes today and one didnt sync...

I am running Joplin v2 and Syncthing 1.18 (stable GA release). I am not using encryption yet, but that waa the end goal... I know i need to jump into the logs, but just curious if others have seen the same behavior.

I might just jump straight the Joplin Cloud sync and be done with this nonsense..

Quick follow up ... if I go to a note that is on PC A but mising from B and edit the doc, then it will show on PC B after a sync. But only if I edit the note, adding tags doesnt seem to trigger a sync.

Check that your sync from the first PC is up to date (How can I check the sync status). When the Total number for synced items and total items even, that Joplin has synced all data.
Now you can check if both Syncthing folders on PC A and B have the same file count, modify dates, ...
After that check that the sync numbers from Joplin are the same in both clients.
Now you should know where the sync problem is.

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