Help syncing between desktops

Hi Guys

I’m new to Joplin and having some issues syncing. I have Joplin desktop client on two separate workstations, one is synced up to one cloud and I would like to sync those notes onto a the other, however when I try to sync on the second desktop client the notes are not pulled down from one cloud?

Am I doing something wrong?

@B1urry Welcome to the forum.

Without knowing what you have tried so far to connect both clients to the same cloud storage provider it is a bit difficult to tell if you are doing anything wrong. Also knowing what OS and Joplin version you are using and any error messages you are getting can often help.

Sorry should of added more detail

So what I have done is installed Joplin in Windows and synced it to my next cloud account and started creating notes. I now want to use another workstation to sync those created notes to local Joplin. I added the next cloud settings to the new Joplin instance a click sync which completes with no errors but nothing has been pulled down from next cloud.

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