Several notes appear "encrypted" after enabling E2EE. The rests look fine

Background information:

I have 3 devices: Fedora Linux 36, Windows 10 Joplin 2.11.11 and Android 13 (Graphene OS) Joplin 2.10.8. In additional to official instructions, I (1) ensure 3 devices are sync before switching to E2EE, (2) When encryption is in process in first device (Fedora Linux), ensure all other Joplins are closed, (3) After first device is done, only one sync-ing Joplin is on.

Encryption and sync looks fine in the first glance:

After everything is done, I find that:
(1) In windows, 967/967 items are decrypted. Looks fine to me.
(2) In Fedora, 967/967 items are decrypted. Looks fine to me.
(3) If I update my notes in either Fedora / Windows, the updates show up in Windows / Fedora.
(4) If I update my notes in Android, the updates show up in Windows and Fedora.

The problem:

(a) In Android, 936/969 items are decrypted.
(b) Notes updated in Fedora / Windows appear as "encrypted" in Android.
(c) A few notes appear as "encrypted" in Android. These are probably notes I updated in Fedora after seemingly successful E2EE transition.
(d) All 3 devices share same Master key ID. The updated time in Fedora and Windows appear identical, while Android shows created date only. Master key creation time in 3 devices are identical.


  • After transitioning to E2EE, updates in Android show up in Linux / Windows but not the other way round. Decryption did work in Android at some point but not anymore.
  • Anyone can share some insights on what is happening? Would an uninstallation gets my Android Joplin back to work?

I solved my problem by uninstalling and then re-installing Joplin (via PlayStore, V2.11.31) in Android.

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