Syncing and e2ee between three clients

I could use some advice.

I have Joplin-desktop v2.12.18 set up on my linux machine. It is syncing to my Nextcloud server. I have had this setup for years, although I haven't actively used it much. I have tended to use it as a way to store important documents occasionally.

About two years ago, I installed Joplin for Android phone and enabled syncing. Can't really remember what I did. I am now running v2.10.8.

And now I just installed Joplin for Terminal v2.12.1.

I set up e2ee in the past, and somehow ended up with the following as displayed in Joplin-desktop:

Encryption: Disabled
Public-private key pair: Generated
Decrypted items: 4561 / 4561

Master password: ✓ Valid

Encryption keys:
Active: no
ID: fdf...cec
Source: net.cozic.joplin-desktop
Created: 2021-09-29 4:59 PM
Updated: 2021-09-29 4:59 PM
Password: (Master password)
Valid: ✔

Active: ✔
ID: 568...050
Source: net.cozic.joplin-mobile
Created: 2021-10-01 11:57 AM
Updated: 2023-11-05 9:46 PM
Password: (Master password)
Valid: ✔

On the desktop, I can see all my notes.
On Android and Terminal, a number of notes are marked "Encrypted".

Another issue I have may be harder to solve. As I mentioned, I originally installed Joplin years ago and I imported my old Evernote data. It was about 10,000 notes. As you can see, I now have around 4,500 notes. I don't know where they went or what happened.

Question 1:
How should I resolve the issue of some notes not being decrypted on Android and Terminal? I would like to see all notes on all my clients, and I would like to use e2ee. Is there a way to decrypt everything, delete all the keys and start over? What is the best solution?

Question 2:
What happened to those missing notes and is there any way to get them back?

Hmm... no responses.

Should I repost this more briefly? I thought it would be better to post a bunch of detail, but maybe this is discouraging engagement?

hey, it's good that you included a lot of details, thanks

As a general feedback, state main symptoms of your situation first, then describe the steps how you got there, lastly you can paste the logs. Additionally, it's far easier to deal with one problem per topic.

For example

Notes are marked as "encrypted" on mobile and cli (screenshot)
(desktop sync and e2ee status)
(cli sync and e2ee status)
(mobile sync and e2ee status)

[steps you've done to solve the problem]

Sync target

Is there maybe a prompt in sync status to decrypt those notes?

similar topic

OK. I wasn't really sure where my problems lay, so I didn't know where to begin.

Let's begin with the fact that the desktop app reports Encryption: Diabled.

On the desktop app, I can read all the notes. However on the terminal and Android clients, there are some notes that say they are encrypted.

If you think all the notes (you need) are on your desktop, readable etc.
by all means login to your nextcloud drive, delete the Joplin folder "there", create a local backup (e.g. with the simple backup plugin, and start all over.

Thanks for the reply.

What would "starting over" look like? You can see that the desktop client shows encryption is disabled. Do I just start a new sync to NextCloud? Can I delete the old encryption keys? Should I?

Should I first sync without encryption, then enable encryption once I have successfully synced?

The short answer would be, do what you did when you first started using Jop on a desktop.

More detailed,

  • check your notes on desktop (hopefully complete and what you want)
  • setup sync in settings to your nextcloud cloud, and "check sync config"
  • enable encryption (optional)
  • and sync
  • ...
  • check for errors

repeat on other devices

Thank you for the reply. I managed to sync from joplin-desktop to nextcloud. Everything looks good.

On the desktop, it says decryption is disabled.

Next I synced my terminal client from scratch. It seemed to go well, and I can see all my notes. However, I got a message saying I need to enter my password to see my encrypted notes. But I don't seem to have any encrypted notes.

Why did it ask for my password? Do I need to enter it? Has everything gone OK?

Can't help. I have never tried to use Joplin without encryption.

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