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Issue with E2EE and syncing across Mac/Android

Hi - I have Joplin setup on my Mac (10.14.6) and my Android phone (8.1). I wanted to use E2EE. Unfortunately, because I was confused by the instructions, I turned on E2EE on both the Mac and Android client before syncing, which apparently is incorrect. I now have 2 master keys. After re-reading the instructions, I turned off encryption on Android and resynced (am using Dropbox for sync). The sync worked and I have my notes from my desktop on the Android.

However, the instructions specifically state that after doing this “At this point E2EE will be automatically enabled on this device” - but when looking at the “Encryption config” setting on Android, the status of encryption is “disabled” and the button that is there allows me to “enable encryption”. Do I need to specifically activate encryption on my mobile device? Will that cause a 3rd new key to be generated? What’s the right order of operations here to ensure that notes I create on mobile are encrypted immediately before syncing?

(I attempted to resolve the multiple keys issue by removing the app from Android and reinstalling but it was still there, so I guess I just have an unneeded mobile key?)