Single Note Encrypted [Solved?]

I’ve been struggling with this for a while, I really like joplin instead of the other options out there. I’m hoping someone can help me solve this issue.

I set up sync and encryption with Dropbox (linux desktop and android app). All is working fine, master keys are identical and I see all my notes on both devices.

I make a change or edit on my android phone, followed by a sync.

I then sync my linux joplin desktop application and that very note changes to “encrypted”.

I wait around for a while and also try a couple syncs, still “encrypted”.

Any advice or support is greatly appreciated!

EDIT 1: I also didn’t want to disable and re-enable encryption on the linux desktop app because I think that will create a new master key? I’m not sure how to force the app to decrypt that note.

EDIT 2: I’m also running Joplin 1.0.193

EDIT 3: I also checked and none of my attachments are greater than 10 MB

EDIT 4: Also, if I make an edit from the Linux Desktop App and sync it to the Android App I have no problems (I can see that edit on my phone). The only problem is the other way around (from phone to desktop) where the note just stays encrypted.

Update: I went to Tools > Synchronization Status and saw a message that the note wasn’t decrypted because it was too large or was corrupted. It had a blue “retry” button next to it and when I hit “retry” it decrypted the note!

So far I’m not having the issue any more, and I’m not sure what happened but now everything appears to be working!

Final Edit: Just wanted to thank everyone working hard to give Joplin life! I’ve recently been pushing myself to get more organized and become a better person. Joplin has really been an essential tool for this. Thank you!


If anyone is having this issue and the solution does not work, you likely just need to update your Joplin desktop app.

Reason: A new encryption method was added in I believe 1.0.177 and became the default in later versions - but since automatic updates do not work (on the Linux AppImage at least, have not used other desktop versions) you may not have this update if you haven’t upgraded manually in a while. Meanwhile the recent mobile update now defaults to this new method (but still backwards compatible with the old). This means if your mobile app updated automatically it will be capable of decrypting notes written on desktop (is backwards-compatible), but notes written on mobile will be unreadable on desktop (because they were encrypted with a method the outdated desktop app does not support).

Issue was solved for me by running the script, posting to save other users time. Also pro tip: Put bash /path/to/ --silent on your crontab as your login user and it should update automatically in the future!