Select multiple notes and see a view of their combined content

I've been using Joplin to organize notes for a book manuscript and I'd love to be able to select multiple notes and see their text concatenated in the preview pane. This would allow me to reorder bits of text and see how they read together in combination, much like one does in Scrivener.

Right now the closest thing I can find is the Combine Notes plugin, but this creates a new note from the selected notes, which is cumbersome in the sense that any editing to the combined note won't be reflected in the original notes and vice versa. I'd love to be able to simply see the text of multiple notes together without creating a new entry.

Maybe you can try the combine notes dynamically option from the overview plugin (thanks to @JackGruber) ?

That works! Thanks, @bepolymathe (and @JackGruber)!

Here's the code block I ended up with to stitch things together:

<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: tag:booknotes
fields: order, title, body
sort: order DESC
  text: "## {{title}}\n\n{{body}}"
  separator: "\n\n---\n\n"

The "order" field is handy, since it allows you to reorder the list of notes by hand and have the dynamic view reorder them accordingly.

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You're welcome :wink:

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