Merging several selected notes into one note

Is it possible to create this feature: the ability to merge several selected notes into one note, leaving the original ones intact. Everntoe has this feature but it destroys the selecte notes. It would be great if we can have it in Joplin while keeping the original notes intact. I think it is a useful feature to lots of users, especially those who use Joplin to collect data for some forms of writings, like articles, essays etc.

And as usual: Big Big thanks for all of you great great guys who are giving us this amazing app :slight_smile

I believe that should relatively easy to implement as a plugin, and that makes me think I should add a way to get the list of selected notes.

Thanks so much @laurent for your prompt reply and the amzing work you and the team are doing. Just a side reminder of two old features request: Custom order for notebooks, and nested tags.

Well I'm having fun with the plugin service, so I've just implemented the feature there, as it was also a good idea for a plugin demo:

Once the plugin system is ready it should be relatively easy to turn this demo into an production-ready plugin.


But this should not be placed in the plugin service, it should belong to the internal Plugin API. . .