Request: Combine selected notes

Why not give an option to combine selected notes into one note file?

I switched from evernote, there it was my workflow after finishing projects.
U can select different notes and merge them into one.
They will be divided by a --- tag.

All tags will also be merged together, so no tag will be lost.



I feel this kind of feature would be best implemented as a plugin… If we had a plugin system. In the meantime you can always automate a few things with the api or cli app.

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Sound good, the plugin system.
Any time plans for that @laurent?

I’d like to implement this some day, but don’t know when unfortunately.

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Any news on this ?
"Merge notes" was one of my favorites features in Evernote. It was a good way to gather pieces of information, clean up a little bit, etc.

Maybe a plugin developer will be interested since more and more work has been done around the plugin ecosystem.

Hm, i try it this weekend.

While testing the plugin features, I've actually created a plugin that does this: joplin/index.ts at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub It's just a demo so it can be improved but could be used as a starting point.

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The first version is ready

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Thanks, that was fast !
Wanted to test but...

  • Options > Plugin > Search : No result.
  • Download jpl file...and I just found out I have no more Install button in the plugin panel.

Strange. What am I missing ?


Joplin 1.6.4 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 817c6c01ce9649c797b83efe3df5f1fe
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: No

Revision: 1b5868a7c (master)

Download jpl file...and I just found out I have no more Install button in the plugin panel.

Have not yet seen that there is no longer the install option in the new verison, testet on 1.6.2 ...

Unfortunately the publishing of the package takes time, because I made a mistake with the name.
Therefore I am not allowed to transfer the package to npm until 23 hours from now. After that it takes a while until it shows up in joplin.

You can always drop the plugin file in your profile "plugins" folder. For now, I've removed the "Install plugin" button because I felt it clutter the UI and it's not really needed anymore.

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Nice one, thank you! I am really enjoying all these plugins.

As a request (if you're taking 'em :slight_smile: ): I'd love to have an setting to choose if the combined note is a note or todo.

(FYI, I also didn't see it in search. Found the .jpl here: Tags · JackGruber/joplin-plugin-combine-notes · GitHub and used the work around of dropping it in the Plugins folder and restarting to install.)

A setting to enable on every combination a question to create a to-do or note?

At one point, I'd like to be able to browse through the list of available plugins, in addition to searching for them. When I have more time I'll look into creating a PR for that...

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Ideally a preference of todo or note for all combinations, not a question each time.

I really would like to have this button back, even if it is hidden under Advanced Settings. Removing that button only makes it harder to install a .jpl manually. e.g. in browsers there's usually a choice to install manually. The button doesn't have to be half a square meter in size. A normal button is more than enough.

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Yes, now that it's gone I can think of some cases where it would be useful, so I'll put it back in the next pre-release.

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Thanks for this plugin, this is a great tool.

May I suggest some user options ?

  1. What to do with original notes :

    • Keep original notes
    • Delete original notes
      (This is what I do, and it's difficult among 1500 notes to find again those notes that I don't need anymore. It's a dangerous option... but I have backups :slight_smile:
  2. Some notes can have a source URL (in Note Properties). After combining them, all URLs are lost.
    So it would be great, if possible, to preserve the sources by inserting them, for example, right under the header after the merge process.

Something like this :

or even better, directly a markdown link