Search the Web

Feature summary:

  • Add a button which would open http:///?q=searchQuery
  • Example, somewhere near search field


Use case: when I can't find something in Joplin, I often retry on the Web

How it'd work in Joplin:

  • I search for test
  • I get no results, and now instead of copying or retyping the term in the browser, I simply click on a "search the Web" button which takes me to default browser and saves me 5 seconds per search
  • Search engine and query URL could be stored in Joplin preferences

I checked Features for search-related suggestions and among 100+ I looked at there was just one similar request: Feature request: Web search which is the opposite of what I suggest.
It seems to suggest that the Joplin API could be used to show Joplin results alongside (say) Google Web search results.

Check out the To Google Search plugin. It adds a context menu item to search highlighted editor text on Google. You can see how it works in the Discourse thread.