Plugin/Feature: Link to search

Already existing ?

I don't think this feature exists as plugin or natively but I would be glad to learn there is already a trick.

I am aware of the plugins such as Quick Links and Embed Search.
Embed Search is actually very nice and close to the need but it comes with drawbacks (see below).

The problems

Execution time

If you make a note with even just a few Embed Search that return several (dozens... hundreds, ...) results, the execution time is rather slow. And this is fair, the search(es) needs to run and the results need to be brought back into the page.

The issue is that ALL those results are often not useful to the user.

Joplin loses the search

In many cases, Joplin loses / wipes the search field content.
I can think of the case when the Combine Notes plugin is used.
This can get rather annoying when you have create a long search where you include/exclude several tags.

A Solution

I would love to have the ability to use Search Links, ie. a link that points to a search query.
This should not involve much extra time when opening a note containing those since, unlike with the Embed Search there would be no search to perform (yet).

The user could however click one of those search links and have the search field populated and the search executed and the result displayed as a standard Joplin search result.


I like this idea very much (ability to use Search Links). Joplin is near perfect, but the search capability needs to be improved for those of us who have tens of thousands of notes spread over many years.

I am not sure of your use case, but the only plugin I still use is Note Overview. It is pretty awesome. I use this search to replace a use case I used to have in Evernote.

You just need to know that it only works when in markdown mode. This really stopped me for a while.

Essentially it embeds the results of a search into a note. You can even refine the search using regex. I use unicode characters to tag specific lines in the search notes.

It seems pretty fast.

Here is a search for lines with :alarm_clock: in notes tagged -0now.

<-- note-overview-plugin
search: tag:-0now
regex: ^.*\[ \].:alarm_clock:.$
regexflags: gmi
fields: title, tags, todo_due, excerpt
sort: todo_due ASC
text: "{{title}} {{excerpt}} "

I would be curious if you could give it a try with one note having 10+ of those search and each search returning say 50-100 results of more and see how long it takes.

I am ready to bet it takes longer to do those 10 searches than not to do them :slight_smile:

You can easily try it yourself. :wink:

Only you know your own use case. I was motivated to find a solution for my use case. Now that I have the solution my world is good. I am less interested in the general problem than solving my problem.

BTW - the only missing use case I have left from Evernote is import from Email. Joplin has already stated they will not implement this, so I decided to live without it.