Better search options?


I like to use Joplin, however when I need to search into my notes it is quite not so useful.

I would love to see some more useful search options:

  • Show matching search results also in edit mode of the notes
  • Have a Next-Previous buttons next to search field.
  • Search as I type letters instead to wait until I press enter (a la SimpleNote app).
  • Automatically search for all occurring instances, instead the need to place the (*) character to do a fuzzy search, like SimpleNote app it is doing the search.

I think I can respond to these individually.

  1. This is a good idea. Right now the editor pane is set to be replaced and this feature is a bit of a challenge so it is unlikely to be implemented until after that change (there’s no timeline on that).

  2. I don’t see any problem with having this, I’m sure a pull request will be accepted.

  3. These are a bit more challenging because joplin is designed to function even when a user has a huge amount of notes, meaning these features would slow the search to a point where it’s un-usable (for those users that have an exceptional number of notes). I think that there might be a technical solution to support this, but I’m sure it’s a challenge. An since Joplin is an open source project (developed by volunteers), these complex features often don’t get done.