Search could be improved (highlighting ...)

I saw few topics about searching in Joplin. All of them are closed, so I have to open a new topic.

In my opinion, Joplin really has strange way of searching. I have a bunch of notes and I want to quick search for a keyword. Try with F6 and Joplin finds only notes where keywords are. Why a hell doesn't Joplin highlight findings on the right and focus on the first one? And have an option to jump to second, third ... and back if user want to.
It is really annoying. User must be in the right layout (editor?) for this? Why can't it work on all type of layout?
I really like Joplin with its idea, but fast searching is a nightmare.
Can we expect some changes in near feature?

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I think this would be a nice feature. I've noticed that when I use joplin search to narrow the list of notes, there is actually a second search in a given note with whatever I most recently ctrl+F'd.

Agree, very important.
When searching (such as via CTRL-G), jump to the first search result in the note, not just to the note.

Also - there is a problem with finding inside a note - after searching it focuses the viewer so that the highlighted word is the leftmost you see. Which in 99% of cases means you got to scroll to the start of the line.
Instead: it should focus such as the searched word is almost at the end of the view, so that as much of the text is in view as possible.

I agree.
Joplin has a big potential, but searching is really uncomfortable. And in my opinion, searching is one of the most important features in a program where notes are stored.

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