Feature request: Web search

I used EverNote before, there is a fantastic feature that when I use Google to search for something, search results in my own notes will be displayed at the same time.
It would be nice if Joplin implements this feature.

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which platform ? encrypted or not ?

I guess this can be done with the chrome extension, so it's platform-independent. I also found that under the "Joplin desktop" folder, there is a file named database.sqlite, but I'm not familiar with the front-end development work. I don't know if there is any way to query the local database in the browser.
As for whether to search encrypted notes, it is more reasonable for users to search for unencrypted notes, but it can leave a choice box for users to choose whether to search encrypted notes.

Yes, but not so good. Fortunately, Joplin provides http api, maybe I can try to build a user.js script as a try

I simply implemented a google chrome extends

joplin-google-search-intergration-0.1.0.zip (107.3 KB)


That's great, do you plan to publish it on the Chrome store?

To be a bit later, I still have some unresolved issues, such as viewing the search results directly in the browser (correct rendering of joplin's notes), which involves some issues related to chrome extends packaging

Basic common functions have been implemented, and there is still some work to be done on documentation, internationalization, and code optimization

  • View notes directly in the browser search results
  • View quoted notes on the notes page
  • Download attachments on the note page

Thx. That's really great. Could you publish the latest package in some ways? Github or Chrome store? Maybe I can give you some feedback after using it.

I have submitted it for review to provide an early preview, but it has not yet passed, you can use it by loading the unzipped extension

Chrome store has been released @ravenxrz (sorry, Joplin icon is currently used, it would be better if someone can give a better icon @laurent )

Hmm, yes that icon normally should be used only for official Joplin apps or extensions, especially in this case since it would have the same icon as the web clipper.

Perhaps you can customise it so that it's not just the J on a blue background but add something to it?

Maybe I can add a Google search icon on the right. Of course, this requires a PS image, but I don’t know how to use PS.