Search notes by Tag


  • when I use SearchEverything and put #Tagname inside to search notes


Show the notes that have that tag

lists all notes with tag html.

This preserves the option to search for #html as text.

In my usecase, I normally don't want use mouse to click the sidebar. And the sidebar always hidden (I only show the outline and the main content). Thus I want to use shortcuts to toggle the goto anything tool and to go the places that pump into my mind.

Then you may try Shift Ctrl P. There you can use the markup for tag search:


( after deleting the default : )

Yeah, but I don't want the tool tell me there is this tag, but show me the notes that have this tag

Type tag, hit Enter.

Note list will hold all notes with this tag.

I'm not sure what you are asking is really possible with goto anything. When you select the tag it is the same as clicking the tag on the notebook sidebar so will show all notes with that tag. The notes sidebar search is really the one designed for the searching you describe.

One possibility (if toggling the sidebar with F11 is not a workflow option for you) is that you could embed your tags within your documents. For example you could use inline tags plugin to make life easier to add the tags to a footer segment or something then in goto anything you can type your tag name (although you need to put a space first or it will try to do a tag search.)


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Thanks! That's a good workaround!

Hope it could be better to match only the notes that have the specific tag. too many interfering items right now.

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