Research function (filter) does not take tags into account

Hello !

I would like to know how to find notes that contain some specific tags. For example, if I set a note with "chemistry" only as a tag, then, when I type "chemistry" in the filters field, this note will not be found...

Is there a way to fix this "problem" I have ?

Thanks a lot for answering !

You can either use the main search with the tag: tagname search filter or you can use #tagname in goto anything

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I would really like the main search to include the tag search like the go to anything search. I do not understand the separation from a users point of view.

I do not understand why there is no option to both look for a word inside a note or a related tag, without having to use "tag:tagname" or use a hashtag.

If I have these 2 notes:
Note1 : "hello" tags: #myword
Note 2: "myword" tags : no tag

I would like to be able to find the two notes just by typing "myword" in the research bar :sweat_smile:

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