Search bar could also search tags

Just a thought… I am lazy and usually don’t tag my notes, relying on full-text search. Sometimes if a node is about a topic, but doesn’t contain a related keyword, I will create a tag with that keyword.

If I want to find all notes relating to this topic, I now have to both search for the keyword, and also check the relevant tag also.

It would be neat if searching for a keyword would also match notes tagged with that keyword. For example, if I search for foobar, it would be nice for notes containing foobar in the title / body to show up in addition to notes that have a tag called foobar.

To be clear, this is in Joplin Desktop, and I’m referring to the search bar in the taskbar next to “layout”, not “go to anything” (though it also seems not to match tags).

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I agree that is closely related, but as I understand that thread, it’s for allowing tag:foo type queries in searches.

I was proposing that searching for foo bar baz would imply the search foo bar baz or tag:foo or tag:bar or tag:baz under the hood.

I just noticed this as well. Tried to search for all my "recipe" notes but it didn't return all of them. Some contain the word "recipe" in the title/body but some don't and are tagged "recipe". Would be great if the search would also consider the tags by default.

Would it be possible to make a feature request for this?

Not sure what I am missing. When I test this with 2 notes, one has "xx" in the title, and the other is tagged as "xx", the command "search in all notes" (cmd-F in my setup), finds both notes. So, what else would you like to see happening ?