Scrolling past end

As a user I would like to scroll past the end so that the currently edited line (if I’m editing the bottom) won’t be at the bottom of the screen.

This could be set in the settings.

I’d be happy to look into it and go for a PR if you think this makes sense.


+1 for this feature. I always find myself appending several newlines to the end of a note just so I can edit the note in the center of my screen.

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Does this happen to be occurring on iOS by some chance? If so, it’s been happening for other apps for me since Apple removed the ability to adjust keyboard position in iOS 13

Are there plans for this, aside from manually adding a bunch of space at the end I can’t think of another solution (I am also a new user so maybe I am missing something)

It seems that the feature is almost there (; what I read from that thread is that someone’s gotta do the finish.