Scroll while editing note on mobile Android app


when editing a note the scroll is not smooth and you can’t fast scroll to top or to bottom. This way, editing a very long note content will be such a boring and long process, just to get to top or bottom (from top) of the note content.

Is it possibile to make the content scroll exactly like it does while in view mode (it also has the scroll bar and will be nice to have it on edit mode too)?



i have this problem too. on other cloud note apps (google keep, standard notes, turtl), when you open up a note, it shows you the top of the note. you touch the screen where you want to place the cursor and begin editing.

the way joplin works now, when you press edit, it scrolls all the way to the bottom, and if your note is large, scrolling to the top of the document, using half your phone screen, because the other half of your screen is taken up by the keyboard, requires so much time and effort it makes it unusable


Related to this thread, I wanted register to give some honest feedback - I've moved entirely away from Joplin in significant part because of scrolling, both on Android and desktop:

  • On Android - as outlined in this thread, editing goes right to the top, no fast scroll in edit mode, massive keyboard blocking reading. The previous post outlines it perfectly
  • On desktop (I couldn't easily find any issues on github about this, but I've observed this on multiple computers and both Linux and Windows) - when scrolling with my mouse wheel (or two fingers on the trackpad), with the cursor over the raw markdown text, the edit pane scroll will 'catch' and stop scrolling (while I continue wheeling down) for a few seconds, then continues. By comparison, scrolling down the rendered view is very smooth. This is frustrating when I'm trying to quickly move between two pieces of text in the same note

I realise these may seem like tiny things, but they added up to make me avoid putting notes in Joplin (preferring the lower friction of random text files instead)...which somewhat defeats the point :frowning:. I love everything else about Joplin (the syncing, encryption, cross platform) and I hope it continues to get better and better!

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As some of my notes slowly grow larger, I wish I had better options to navigate through them. Scrolling with momentum that carries over when letting go of the screen or a functioning scroll bar sure would be nice to have.

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I would like to second this request. I'm not a programmer but I think it's a small change which would significantly improve useability. I deal with this now by breaking long documents into shorter ones, but this is a workaround and better scrolling would save time and effort.

Looks like it has been removed because it was causing performance issues (Android: Note becomes invisible in edit mode when text has 37 lines and more · Issue #3041 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub)

@laurent this was with an older RN, I believe? Maybe we can make it configurable so that firstly we can see if the problem is still there, and secondly, the users who encounter this issue can disable it.

I don't think it's worth it to be honest. The lack of smooth scrolling is a bit annoying, but a lot less annoying than opening a note and seeing a blank edit field because it can't be rendered.

An option would only make sense if we could somehow detect that condition and enable it automatically, because we can't really expect users to debug the app and figure out they have to turn on this option (only a tiny minority will come here asking for help about it, the rest will just uninstall the app and move on).

Then make it the other way around? if the problem is still there, wouldn't it be nice to enable smooth scroll as an "experimental" feature?

Some notes I just can't edit on android any more if I don't split them :frowning: so having this option would be worth to me.

If the previous issue doesn't reappear within a few months, we can assume that it's been fixed upstream and have the app more usable to everyone.

Tbh, after looking at this and the related slowness issue for some time I am not sure why having a ScrollView would make any difference - the note is kept in memory regardless.

It may have been a bug and there's hope it's fixed in the version of RN we're using.

What app do you use now for notes ?
I am also struggling with this since I have decided to do away with the microsoft apps. Please help I have already tried a few apps but found Joplin to be the best in terms of accepted clients, notes stacking, etc. but this scrolling issue makes it very difficult to edit notes in mobile.

Try the new editor. You need to enable it in settings.

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Omg thanks!! It worked :smiley:

I just discovered the new editor. Awesome! Makes it far easier to work with large files. :+1: