Scroll past bottom or bottom padding?

It tends to bother me that a note’s content goes right down to the very bottom edge of the window within a few pixels. Is it possible to add a “scroll past bottom” feature similar to what some IDEs have?

I’m not sure if it’s possible to do this with the custom stylesheet in the advanced settings. I tried adding this, but it didn’t work:

body {
     padding-bottom: 100px;

Is there a CSS solution that can already accomplish this? Or can a scroll past bottom option/plugin be created?

For the rendered note viewer you could try:

div#rendered-md {
padding-bottom: 100px;

in userstyle.css. I just tried it and it seemed to work. Not checked to see if it causes problems elsewhere…


That does the trick. Thank you!

This works great for the viewer pane. Could we also apply this to the editor? I’ve dug through the CSS in dev tools, but haven’t been able to get it to work.

I tried looking at the dev tools inspector and messing around with some CSS, but couldn’t come up with a solution. It would be a nice to this in the editor.

It looks like Joplin uses Ace editor, which has an option to scroll past the end. I will submit a Joplin GitHub ticket suggesting they compile the JavaScript with this option enabled:

scrollPastEnd: number|boolean

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