Infinite Scrolling

Version: 2.8.8. Windows 32 Production

Is there infinite scrolling option in Joplin?

What I mean by infinite scrolling is, I can scroll even after what I've written is of the page.

  • Is there any possible options for this (or any config really) similar to this "scroll_past_end": true?

I know I can open the note in external editor, just wanted to know if it is possible on vanilla app.

There is no config option but you can fake the behaviour by increasing the bottom margin of note body with custom CSS.

Could you post a screenshot of the issue you're having? Normally we have this "scroll past end" option enabled on both editors.

I think I raised the issue a little bit wrongfully.

I can scroll past from the last sentence i have written inside Joplin. As it can be seen in here,

What i meant by infinite scrolling was something similar to this,

As you can see from the screenshot same note opened in an external editor (Sublime for this context) allows me to scroll way past the last line (almost infinite if not defined in config) without restraining depending on the lines i have written.

Sorry if a caused any confusion.

Ok I see. I think we configured it like this so that there can be a gap at the bottom, but having a full screen as a gap didn't see necessary. Maybe there's some technical limitations too. I'm not sure we'll change this, unless someone's interested in looking into it, for example by increasing that bottom gap and check if the editor still works properly.

If i remember correctly the gap size is essentially just CSS, so this can be configured by the user with CSS (as per @tomasz86's suggestion).

Okay gonna give CSS a try.

Thanks everyone!

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