Scroll past end, HTML tags

It would be nice to have the following features in Joplin. Hope you don’t mind putting all of them in a single post rather than putting each one in separate post.

  1. Scroll past end: specially in editor panel it would be very nice to have this feature. This gives way better feeling while typing in a large screen.

  2. HTML tags: It would be super handy to have the html tags that are common in markdown softwares. For example the tag <kbd>text</kbd> which shows text (a keyboard button shape behind the text).


I couldn’t find anything on github regarding the scrolling issue.

I found something for the <kbd> tags, where @laurent answered that he wanted to implement those in the next version:

I’ve added an issue for it:

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I would like to revive the topic of scrolling past the end of the editor.
As @s4rc1na pointed out, writing when the cursor is at the bottom of the screen is not comfortable. The obvious solution would be to just insert a bunch of new lines at the end of the markdown. These don’t get rendered in the HMTL, however, and this creates a gap in the scrolling of the markdown (with spaces at the bottom) and the HTML.

Ideally, the scroll lock between the two will be preserved, but there will be unsuable whitespace at the bottom of both so both the editor and viewer can be scrolled up to the middle of the screen for a comfortable typing or reading.

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There was a pull request for it, but it wasn’t finished: It’s very easy to finish it if someone’s interested.

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